Monday, April 16, 2012

Single Mum, writer, translator, educator

This is my opening line: I am a single Mum and I recently lost my job.
I have trained as a translator and I love writing. One month ago, I thought my brain would explode with all the worry I had crawling up in there.
Today, I am positive. This is the change I would never have dreamed of.

So, I open my little homely office, surrounded by two cats and a lovely boy, and I start my career as a writer and a translator.

This blog will give any other single Mum in my situation the wings they need to fly and enjoy life in this particular and sometimes unwished-for situation.
Come along and follow my journey. April Thursday is about to take off, and you are invited to watch!

Welcome to my newly opened homely office on the web!

Click on the pages on the right menu to "travel" across the areas of this blog:

 - Parenting a child alone -- a different scenery than parenting in a pair, some my argue that it is easier, ahahah! It might be at times, because I do not need to convince another adult to have faith in me and my methods and decisions, but of course, the balance male/female is off and I need to be Mum and Dad to my kid. 

 - Education -- because even though children spend hours at school, parents are responsible for their education. So, there is "work" to do here also!

 - Battling with money -- a two-parent family (often) means two incomes. A single parent has one income but many of the same expenses as a "full" parental couple. Issues keep coming. I will share my successes and failures in this area.

Keep coming, and leave a trace, let me know 
what you liked or disagreed with. 
Tell me what you need and I will research and write about it.

Enjoy your visit and thank you for stopping by, I am grateful. 

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