Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Web Money? Where's that?

I have been seriously considering working from home and getting a descent income for about 10 days now. I started blogging on Blogger and tried every single opportunity highlighted in other blogs tackling the same topic.

As promised, it is time for an update on how it is going.  

As I signed up again for Clickbank, I thought I would find a way to make money. Writing articles is not a problem, more a tuning that I need to become skilled at. So far, I have sent off 30 articles, and got one rejection. At first, and as I had foreseen, I felt that there is no point in pursuing this path. I wrote to the publisher again and asked if I could submit again, regularly. He said "Sure, try again. We get 100 submissions and only accept 8 to 10 each month. Volume is the reason behind most rejections."
Well, that WAS encouraging. So, I will get cracking on this and keep writing and submitting. The energy wears off on a daily basis, because it requires a lot of dynamism to write, select markets, send off the queries, wait, and wait some more. Still, this is what I wanted to do in the first instance, so I'd better work on not losing sight on my goal.

The main problem with the affiliate programs is traffic. I have had 547 views on my Single Mum's Richening blog. None of the 547 viewers have left a trace on my blog. Several visitors wrote to me, but did not publicly want to leave a footprint. My guess is that most of these 547 visits were machines, automatic searches checking what potential is there.

I have not made a single cent with my affiliate programs. Well, truth be said, I made US$ 53, but I am pretty sure this was the commission resulting from something I bought online.

I remember my basic researches from when I was running a shop selling fashion jewelry. I needed 100 people walking past the door to have one actual visitor, someone willing to push the door and step inside. Today, that would be the visitor leaving a comment.
I needed more than 300 passerby to gain a customer.   
I agree, traffic is the key.

Lately I watched numerous videos about how to make money on the web. All of them explain that whatever other people are selling is BS (their own words, getting redundant, but still effective!). They also claim that their program is 100% free. Right after the video, there is a "Pay Now" button with a price attached to it. This is where the free offer stops, then. It is free to hear that the others are robbers and know nothing. It is free to hear that this one particular program is the ONLY one that works. Thank you very much!

I was nearly tempted to click on the "Pay Now" button after watching some of the videos, hoping to discover a magical method to earn money. I have even watched videos that say you don't need any skills, you don't need to know how to type or even write. What? When you watch this type of comment, you are compelled to continue. A fool-proof, totally free, as easy as sneezing method for making hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.... Well, I watched, I listened, I researched and it so seems that all of it is BS: the BS to start with, the BS that tells you everyone else is BS... a web of BS!

So, what is the key?

Getting traffic, getting people reading what you write, liking your articles and coming back for more is probably one of the keys if you did not get a hen laying golden eggs. At least, I might not make millions, but I am hoping to touch a few people, make them feel like they have learned something while reading my articles.

And if someone out there has actually made hundreds of thousands of dollars, I would be happy to hear from you, and learn how to do the same. All the people so far, who claim they are making US$ 200,000 per months are still trying to con people into buying their products... Go figure! Well, if I was earning that much, I would be doing something else, right?

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